Zonge (ゾンゲ?) A very arrogant and annoying Gourmet Hunter who wields a large axe to hunt. He is very self-centered and boasts about his completed full course menu which is made of dishes that probably don't have a capture level of more than three, the only really dangerous dish being Garara Gator he had just killed (it was also a newborn making it no where near as strong or as tasty as the one Toriko fought). Despite all his boasting he is a very big coward using other as shields and making excuses when confront by a beast he can't take down. A running gag is that people think his name is a zombie or a zombie movie.

Full Course MenuEdit

Note that all the foods on Zonge’s list seem to be easy to find foods and are mostly fish or reptiles. Also all the ingredients except White Apple have been eaten by Toriko before even meeting him.

  • Hors d'Œuvre: Golden Salmon Roe
  • Soup: The Soup of Serpent Frog
  • Fish Dish: Stripe Salmon
  • Meat Dish: Crab Pork
  • Main Dish: Garara Gator
  • Salad: Almond Cabbage
  • Dessert: White Apple
  • Drink: Energy Hennessey

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