Zebra (ゼブラ?) one of the "Four Heavenly Kings," he is jailed for making 26 species of food dissapear becasue as stated Toriko,,When he's got prey that he's interested in or pissed of by,he'll devour that species until it's entirely extinct".His jail cell is actually one of the many "combs" inside the "Honey Prison", which is modelled after a large Beehive. The prison itself is suspended at the end of a large cliff over a field of spikes below, Zebra himself has all four limbs bound to his cell with massive chains. He is said to be the best at disrupting IGO's food order. Like the other three Heavenly Kings, Zebra is large and well-built man with scars that cover most of his body, one of the more striking ones being the half Glasgow smile on the left side of his face, he is described as the most savage of the Four Heavenly Kings, having single handily caused all the scars on Match's body. It is later revealed the person who captured Zebra is Yosaku the Saiseiya, with Teppai's assistance. He and the other Four Heavenly Kings were trained by Ichiryū, the president of the IGO. Though it has not been revelaed what Zebra's powers are yet, Toriko hinted that he is able to read ultrasonic waves and that he would need his powers in order for him to get to the "Gourmet Pyramid" which is situated in a vast desert. Seeing as the Four Heavenly Kings all have a "sense" they rely on it can be guessed that Zebra's is "Hearing", further backed from him hearing Ichiryu and Yosaku approach his prison and Toriko's comment about him.

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