Troll kong

Troll Kong

The Troll Kong (also known as Droll Kong) is a species of enormous apes with 4 arms. It has a capture level of 9. They usually gather in large "tribes" led by a sole leader, the Silverback.


The Troll Kong is a massive gorilla-like creature with 4 arms and a savage personality. It has a mouth filled with razor teeth and a long tongue. They also have green fur and pinkish faces.


The Troll Kong exhibits massive strength and a savage prowess. The Troll Kong has a savage and brutal prowess, as it is capable of knowing the use of throwing Zombie Taipans and rocks and intruders. Their are so strong that a child can flip a tank over with ease.


The leader of the tribe of Troll Kongs, the Silverback is stronger and smarter than the average Troll Kong, making it the natural leader of the tribe. As the Silverback ages, it hair turns more and more silvery.



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