The world of Toriko is broken up into two categories: The Human World, taking up 30% of the world and is where most of the story takes place and where humans live, and the Gourmet World, which makes up the other 70% of the world and is extremely inhospitable to most humans. It is also implied that the planet Toriko takes place on is vastly larger than that of Earth, with continents twice the size of Eurasia making up less than 10% of the planet's surface area.

Human WorldEdit

This is where most of the events of Toriko take place and is where all humans live.

Gourmet WorldEdit

World Making up the other 70% of the world, this is an extremely inhospitable area that most humans cannot occupy. The Gourmet World is filled with beasts of unmeasurable capture levels, and has extreme climates that change suddenly and can differ greatly within just feet of each other. The ingredients in the Gourmet World are also vastly superior to those of the Human World, and houses the ingredients in Jirou and Setsuno's Full Course Meal, as well as the ingredients "GOD" and "EARTH", both of which were discovered by the legendary Bishoku-ya Acacia. It is also in the Gourmet World that the boss of the Bishoku-kai lives, which is a testament to his power.

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