King serpent

Serpent of the Devil

The Serpent of the Devil is a creature that dwells in an underground cave that Toriko, Coco and Komatsu venture into to search for the Puffer Whale.


The Serpent of the Devil is a long, serpentine creature with 3 eyes and a wild mane of tentacles. It appears to have at least 5 legs with vicous claws. It has a wierdly-shaped maw filled with serpentine fangs.


The Serpent of the Devil is a fierce beast with lightning-fast speed and immense strength that even Toriko and Coco combined can't counter easily. It is known to be able to regenerate lost limbs with frightening speed. It can also spit out corrosive digestive juices that can melt through rock and make a high-pitched, blood-curdling screeching sound. According to Coco, the Serpent of the King contains "pit organs". Apparently, this allows the creature to pinpoint certain spots of heat and allows it to track down prey in the dark. It can also harden its skin to counter Toriko's knife attack and spit out acids from his hair.

Fate Edit

The Serpent of the Devil finally met its end when it burst into pieces after taking Toriko's 5-hit nail punch.

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