Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio (VOMIC), Romi Park (TV series)

Komatsu (小松) is a six-star (initially five) chef who works for Hotel Gourmet, part of the prestigious IGO (International Gourmet Organization). He is timid, but greatly interested by what he finds in his travels with Toriko. As a result, he tries to overcome his fear and does his best to help. He is a highly skilled and competent chief and has a large knowledge of foods that he knows which foods would work well together. Melk the First said that the knife of Komatsu is one of the few knives he got a shock from after seeing, putting Komatsu on a level similar to legendary chefs like Frohze, Setsuno, and Zaus. Because he is otherwise normal, he writes a will whenever he comes along Toriko's hunts. He is the only chef in the world who knows the complete recipe of the Century Soup. He keeps a Wall Penguin as a pet, which is also a key element of the soup. Toriko decided on Komatsu as the chef in his bishoku-ya and chef combo, which Komatsu accepted.



Power and SkillEdit


  • Toriko Cracker: Special fire crackers created by Toriko for the purpose of scaring away animals by creating a loud noise. Its force is equivalent to a bomb, and the sound can stop Komatsu's heart and destroy his eardrums. Due to Toriko forgetting to tell him to wear ear plugs, Komatsu died for a brief time and was saved by Knocking Master Jirō.
  • Century Soup: This legendary soup causes anyone who eats it to form a silly smile of utter satisfaction. Komatsu manages to recreate it after half of a year of experimentation. He decides not to apply to patent the recipe because the Wall Penguins would become over-hunted.
  • Derous Knife: A knife made by Melk II. Using a Derous Fang and Komatsu's broken knife, she made this knife that Komatsu uses to prepare countless dishes, as its sharpness has the potential to reach even legendary ingredients

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