Jirō (次郎?) Known as the Knocking Master, he is a legendary retired Gourmet Hunter and master of Knocking. He is able to Knock to not only stun animals but expand his muscular size to become a giant, and to revive the recently deceased. He is old and a heavy drinker; when introduced he asked Toriko for some sake. He is later seen in the cave that Toriko, Komatsu and Coco are in with a bucket full of unpoisoned puffer whales. He revives Komatsu (who was going into cardiac arrest) as a way to thank Toriko and him for the sake. As a Bishoku-ya, the chef he was paired with as a combo was the legendary chef and Gourmet Living Treasure Setsuno. Jirō is also the discoverer of the original Century Soup in Ice Hell. He is the grandfather of the famous Saiseya Teppei, who has also inherited his grandfather's Knocking talent. Seeing his grandfather's emotional reaction to seeing certain Gourmet ingredients depleted is also what inspired Teppei to become a Saiseya instead of a Bishoku-kai. He is one of the three disciples of the legendary Bishoku-ya, Acacia, along with Ichiryū and the boss of the Bishoku-kai, of the three he is the only one that does not the head of an organization, as well as being the only one in retirement.

Full Course MenuEdit

Note, all the food on Jirō's menu have incomprehensible CLVLs.

Hors d'Œuvre: Hundred-leaf Clover Soup: Consommé Magma Fish Dish: King Land Shark Meat Dish: Ashurasaurus Main Vegetable: ET-Rice Salad: Grana Lettuce Dessert: Oasis Melon Drink: Dotham's Well Wine

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