Gourmet World makes up the other 70% of the world, this is an extremely inhospitable area that most humans cannot occupy. The Gourmet World is filled with beasts of unmeasurable capture levels, and has extreme climates that change suddenly and can differ greatly within just feet of each other. The ingredients in the Gourmet World are also vastly superior to those of the Human World, and houses the ingredients in Jirou and Setsuno's Full Course Meal, as well as the ingredients "GOD" and "EARTH", both of which were discovered by the legendary Bishoku-ya Acacia. It is also in the Gourmet World that the boss of the Bishoku-kai lives, which is a testament to his power.

List of Gourment World LocationsEdit

Underground ForestEdit

The drop from the "Waterfall Basin of Life" leads to a 20,000-meter deep crevice, the bottom of which contains the "Underground Forest". Full of dangerous Gourmet World beasts with unfathomable capture levels, the Underground Forest has many dangers. Mainly, because of its depth, the gravity is several times stronger than it would be on normal ground. The Forest is also full of many plants and trees that create strong climates, such as the "Air Tree", whose fruit produce high-quantities of various gases, like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, the "Heat Planet", a mysterious orb with a high center of gravity that travels around freely, giving off enormous quantities of heat while also lessening the effects of the gravity change from the drop, and the "Fall Tree", a tree that unleashes a large deluge so thick it is like a waterfall and drowns its prey so that it can then absorb them through its roots.

Ports of EntryEdit

Entering the Gourmet World is extremely difficult. The sky around it is filled with a thick wall of cyclones and the ocean leading into it has a thick "Poison Tide". There are only three land routes that takes one from the Human World to the Gourmet World, and they are comparatively safer.

Zabel Island's "Waterfall Basin of Life"Edit

The easiest port of entry, it is a long drop from the Human World Zabel Island into a thick Gourmet World forest. Because it is the easiest, it is the port of entry chosen by the majority of Bishoku-yas.

Yutou Island's "Harbour of Evil Spirits"Edit

Another port of entry, little is known about this area other than it appears to be filled with ships for an unknown reason.

Wak Continent's "Three-Way Road"Edit

Another port of entry, little is known about this area.

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