Garara Gator

The Garara Gator is the first creature that Toriko really fights. Although its species only live up to 150 years old, this specimen lived up to 300 years old making its meat more aged and tastier. It has a capture level of 5.


The Garara Gator is essentially a massive-sized alligator/crocodile with 8 legs and a blunt nose. It has a thick, scaly hide and a mouth full of teeth and Baron leeches.


The Garara Gator fights its battle with monsterous strength and brute force. It can lunge at blinding speeds snapping its enourmous jaws onto its prey and crushing it. According to Toriko, the pressure of its jaws is equivalent to 3 tons.


The beast met its maker when Toriko sliced off the Garara Gator's head off with his knife attack.

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