Fruit of rainbow

Fruit of the Rainbow


The Fruit of the Rainbow is a mystical and legendary fruit that is grown in the IGO Gourmet Garden #8, since it is extinct in nature. During chapters 3-6, Toriko is hired to retrieve the recently-ripe Fruits of the Rainbow. The only problem was that a colony of Troll Kongs made a nest near their, making it near-impossible to go near the Fruits of the Rainbow. It is said that the price of one Fruit of the Rainbow is enough to ensure enough money to last a lifetime. The juice is concentrated that a single drop can turn a swimming pool-worth of water into thick, luscious juice. The taste can turn into many different flavors once tasted. Once retrieved, half of the fruit went to IGO and the rest were divided between a number of gourmet restuarants in the world. A small portion of it was made into glatinous pudding which was served to Toriko. After tasting this delightful ectasy, it was immediatly added to Toriko's full course menu.

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